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We provide integrated facilities management solutions that are centralised, simplified and cost effective. Our services cover mechanical, electrical, plumbing and asset
management ensuring the full functionality of your business. We develop tailored solutions for your business that range from addressing the technical challenges to the
everyday operations.
Our international team of dedicated staff manage diverse contracts and provide quality service with the latest technologies. Our regional experience helps us understand
and address the priorities of the sectors we operate, assessing and managing the risks and sensitivities involved. Our portfolio includes areas in the following sectors:

  •  Commercial facilities          
  •  Residential facilities
  •  Retail
  •  Hospitality
  •  Health Care
  •  Education
  •  Banking
  •  Oil & gas

The employment of the best people in the industry, proven technology and leading best practices have helped increase our efficiency and improve our service levels.
Our years of expertise and consistent delivery of value-adding services have ensured long term relations with our clients. We provide:

  • Premium services that ensure your environments are safe
  •  Sustainable solutions designed to optimize resources at lowest rates
  • Proven strategies and technologies to manage challengers and avoid the unexpected
  • Service relationships that are adaptible to your business needs
  • Our Key facilites management services are:
  •  Infrastructure Maintenance
  • Building Pre-Occupation Assessment
  •  Project / Construction Management
  •  Generator Rental and Services
  • 24/7 building Maintenance
  •  Advisory Services
  •  Handover and defect liability period (DLP)
  •  Building and Community Operations
  •  Health Care
  •  Education
  •  Banking
  •  Oil & gas